June 2009,still alive and kicking

June 22, 2009

Hey gang,

Just had our annual father’s day pig roast here at Prairie Crossing, and loads of people showed up to play. Thanks to neighbors and friends for making it a thouroughly enjoyable time, and a personal reaffirmation of how important music is to me.

Though the site has been in hibernation for a while, I’m back and ready for the next steps in 2009. I’m going to check into possible places and times to hook up and play, and I’ll post a schedule. Warm up those instruments, and lets get back into gear.




May 25, 2009

OK, I have been remiss, but it’s time to get going again on Front Porch. At the latest, the Fathers day pig roast will be the start of the re-commitment, so start dusting off those banjers and gitars! In addition to getting back on playing, I’m going to commit to one of my long time goals-building some instruments. I especially like the idea of real home made projects, like cigar box guitars and ukulele’s, as well as some clay instruments like whistles, flutes and ocarinas. I’d love to do a couple of seminars where kids, especially, could make their own. I’m working up some ¬†design ideas. More info soon!

lets make music

July 1, 2008

Welcome to porchtopia,

We’ve only just started, but we’ll shortly have loads of fun stuff about playing music together, making and playing musical instruments, using music as a personal tool of exploration, and you’ll start meeting musicians here in Prairie Crossing.



Bob Stotts